How I found my way - I gave myself permission to be myself

Hey all, super happy to announce that my memoir-album, the Creative Voice, is soon to be available as an ebook on Kindle and an Audiobook! 💛
This is the project of my lifetime and it underpins everything I do as a career coach and tutor. 💫
Very briefly: I became a singer at the age of 30 after having lost my voice at school. Everyone thought I was mad. I did too actually. But equally, I had been plagued by a terrible feeling for all the years I didn’t sing. A terrible sickness of the soul, which was far worse. I felt so strongly I had to do it.  
So I did. I became a singer out of nowhere.🙂 
Most people laughed at me or accused me of being a fraud. I was mocked repeatedly behind my back and to my face. I got extremely sick and even ended up in hospital from stress. I can’t say I was very successful as a singer either. I didn’t make enough to cover my expenses and I didn’t become a star like A Star is Born. 
Nope. That’s not my story. 
My prize was more precious than any career success. 🌸
I did the one thing that changed everything - I claimed myself back. My true self. 💕I stood up and said who I was, and when I did that, that terrible feeling of living a half-life went. And the rest of my career slotted into its rightful place. 
Today, I help people find their voices. I give them a safe space to say what they need to say, to say they are scared of failing school and don’t know who they are, to be vulnerable. This brings so much healing both in school and out. I know how hard it can be to feel lost because I was very lost for a very long time. 
It’s so important to give yourself permission to be who you are. So important for kids to be given space to have their own voice and just say what they are about.  
It doesn’t mean you end up doing that thing. It just means you’re allowed to be you for a moment so you can think about your future in a healthy way. 
We all have our own voices. However they sound, however small. They're the greatest thing we’ve got. 💕

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