The Power of Original Music

The way things are going in the music industry, originals artists have all the best and all the worst options ahead of them. Record labels expect bands and artists to have sold out shows and touring / recording before they will invest because the risks are higher than ever. The investment is takes to get to that point is already immeasurable. This presents a challenge and an opportunity: we have to do it alone; and we can do it alone. 

I had a rough time on my first record with fees so high that I ended up in hospital with stress. It's no easy road. But there are roads that can work and some of the involved support from other artists. 

I've just been asked to host a night at Norwich's Gonzo's once a month, singing some Jazz and Originals and putting on any of the Originals acts I want to. Ah, now there's an idea: any local originals artists that I think are worth showcasing at a night that I will be hosting. Now what a superb way to support the artistic community of Norwich. A platform like that speaks of the spirit of the city and gives the real talent out there a place to showcase that isn't diluted by less well developed counterparts. 

What. could. it. become. 

Good question... Kick of Sept 14th. Gonzo's middle floor "tworoom" at 8pm! Pay what you can!