How to find your own voice: the dangers of belting

It's a complex beast, finding the different vocal technique that suits you as a singer. The difficulty is that singing coaches will observe popular singers and work out mechanically the techniques they use to achieve certain effects, maybe belting for…

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Where and what is home?

As we fast approach the Soup Kitchen Boogie on May 13th, the theme on everyone's mind seems to be "home". 

In fact, I went to a fabulous contemporary dance show at the Norwich Arts Centre last week called…

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The music of Moscow

What an absolute blast. To be back in Moscow after five years? A blast yes, but in the sense that I really felt like my memories blasted me back from the dead. 

Moscow was the city from which I…

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It's all in the light sometimes

Spent the day in a pub.

I ate a Ploughman's lunch and had a cup of tea. I didn't know about this pub when I set off, I just wanted somewhere to write and couldn't trust what I read…

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Alright... so my EP wasn't what I was expecting.

Yeah. I thought it would be a way to burst my new found identity onto the stratosphere of a fresh life; a harmonious world of wispy angels floating on harp-shaped clouds and singing in a perfect ten part harmony of…

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One EP done!

So! I'm done with the first round of my music career and what a cracking year it was!

Semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest, Regional Finalist in Open Mic UK, 5 times picked up by BBC Norfolk, three times by…Read more

Demons and the Shadow Aspect

This is the most bizarre of all my stories. 

I had a friend whose company bothered me intensely and I could never work out why. I felt tired when she was around. I felt that I couldn't trust her. I…Read more


What is it about Intuition? 

Seems like anyone who has ever done anything interesting in life seems to rely exclusively on this one little faculty. 


Sensually, it seems to fall in its own category, not quite like love; something more…

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Why Being Mystical Doesn't Mean You're Nuts

I always worry about the M word.

Say the word "mysticism" and immediately people think about fanged witches cawing at the devil; a cult-of-the-occult; astral travel or air-headed nymphs floating somewhere in another dimension. 

Worrying then, that Paganism is back. …

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