Media Reviews

"Dance of Life is another level" Gary Standley, BBC 

"Ethereal yet powerful Naomi Sutherland’s voice is out of this world. With her haunting melodies and beautiful lyrics, this is an artist destined to be huge." Tasha Smith - The New Music Show on Shoreditch Radio

"Dream Lover, so good, I kept dancing round the office when I heard it" Jay Lawrence, BBC Introducing  

"Of Indian and Scottish stock, classically schooled but with a bedrock of electronica, there’s a diversity channelled into what she calls “mystical-pop”. Hypnotic dance 
rhythms underpin her versatile and rich vocals, in turn enticing and powerful, and her self-written uplifting and haunting songs contain attractive hooks and 
harmonies. Despite this delusional X Factor world, this lady has a promising future ahead of her, given the right breaks. The Anchoress did it – so can Naomi – she’s 
got talent!", Rock Society 

Media Downloads

Long Biography Detailed background of Naomi Sutherland. 40.3 KB
Short Bio Main facts and achievements. 39.7 KB
Shot with Future Radio Interview with Daryl at Future Radio 1.78 MB
RIYL 1.23 KB
UK Songwriting Contest Certificate Dream Lover was awarded semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest 2015 74.9 KB
Future Radio Interview April 26th A fantastic opportunity to talk about the Soup kitchen Boogie May 13th with Future Radio. Thank you for the coverage. It's going to be a wild event. 41.6 KB
One-pager on Naomi Sutherland A summary description of my achievements so far. 44.2 MB