The new Eclectica EP! Named after a night that I run in my city of Norwich that showcases original artists, this features a mix of incredible talent and sounds, a song for each mood. You Never Knew, produced by Camille Davila, Murky Waters a co-write with Will Fergusson, Oceans, also with Will on improv piano, Sceptre from my last batch of songs, and finally Not Black Enough for Blues, produced by Al Southgate.  All tracks picked up by the BBC so far! 


Naomi Sutherland's debut EP, produced by Thomas Peters (Matt Cardle), mixed by Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, Sarah McLachlan) and mastered by Peter J Moore (Joni Mitchell), is a haunting rendition of lyrically complex alternative pop songs. Haunting, magical and passionate, she combines electronic beats, strings and choral backing vocals to deliver a rich and edgy twist on indie pop. 

Drawn to the metaphysical worlds and the wild of nature, Naomi defined a sound that bridges her haunting classical roots with the urban appeal of alternative-pop. Writing about nightmares, the wild, psychology and a mystical intuition, she explores the shadowy side of the unseen world, creating a new brand hypnotic and ethereal music - but with a beat. She was a semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest, Regional Finalist Open mic UK, finalist east anglia Miusic Talent Awards, with her songs played on BBC Introducing, Future Radio, with a live set on Shoreditch Radio. 

"Dream Lover, so good, I kept dancing round the office when I heard it" - Jay Lawrence, BBC Introducing  

"Hypnotic dance rhythms underpin her versatile and rich vocals, in turn enticing and powerful, and her self-written uplifting and haunting songs contain attractive hooks and harmonies. Despite this delusional X Factor world, this lady has a promising future ahead of her, given the right breaks. The Anchoress did it, so can Naomi - she’s got talent!" - Rock Society