Strategia Education has been providing academic consultancy and career planning services to people unsure of who they are both in school and in their careers since 2009. Specialising in finding the true voice of a person, clients undergo a careers assessment, academic assessment (or both) to uncover the insecurities creating obstacles in their thinking. Using the latest research tools, we will heal your academic insecurities, help you find your true voice in school and your career, and build your path to satisfaction and success

Bridging the gap between education and careers, a guiding light on your journey

In the field of vocation and calling, Naomi has an exceptionally strong grasp of the subject matter and its integration with practice. ” - Gill Frigerio

— Associate Professor in Career Studies and Coaching, Warwick University


The academic assessment is a thorough review of the academic habits of a student. It will unearth academic vulnerabilities but also identify any misdiagnoses in learning patterns that might be undermining student confidence. It alone can revolutionise the learning experience and it can also be used to support early careers planning. 

It includes: 

  • a 45 min interview with a trained educational consultant 
  • an analysis of learning styles and revision methods 
  • recommendations on solutions: finding tutors; or offering subject-specific solutions without additional tutoring 
  • a summary report of findings by email with a follow up 15 minute consultancy meeting 

"My grades shot up from an E to consistent A’s and A*’s, and the experience has actually changed the way I think." Philosophy A-level student 


Self-knowledge is fundamental to career success in today's digital, atomised and unpredictable labour market. Employers are looking for self-starters. This is where the 3D Careers Research tool is indispensable. With research approved by world-leading careers development training programme at Warwick University, whose training is accredited by the Careers Development Institute, 3D Careers sees students transformed into empowered individuals who are clear about themselves, their strengths and their direction.  

3D Careers research 

A three-part program to discover your strengths, define your interests and decide your future.  


  • Three one-hour consultancy sessions with a fully trained career practitioner 
  • An exploration of values, habits, intellectual capacities and self using the latest analytical tools 
  • Transcripts of the first two sessions to facilitate transformative learning 
  • Analysis of one transcript to challenge existing beliefs and ideas 
  • A final one-hour follow up consultancy session to review options 


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