Airlander hits the skies

It's been three years of supporting a filmmaker make his first independent full-length documentary film about the Airlander - the biggest flying object in the world.

That is a shot I took - well, sort of: Dean set up the camera and I would have paid more attention had I not started blubbering when she rose from the ground and flew for the first time since her inception, some 15 years ago. 

So Dean is my other half and we both started our creative projects simultaneously: he his film; me, my EP. And miraculously, as much Dean has contributed in music videos, carrying my keyboard to the many gigs I've had over the last few months, I returned the favour and got some shots of Airlander taking flight. 

What a story - everyone is banging the door down now wanting a cut of the film. 

It's a proud moment for all of us, most of all for Dean and the team at the Cardington Hangars. We've had huge support from the crowds, I think everyone is very happy to be seeing the Brits lead the world in aviation.... for now at least. 

Best of all, Dean asked me to make the title track for the film. With honour and pleasure. I can't actually wait. 


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