How Mysticism Became Modern Day Madness 

So we all understand that life started with mysticism until the monotheistic religions took over. Right? After the fall of Rome, the Church was a much more attractive prospect than berry picking during the Dark Ages. People at the time tore down the aqueducts and used the stones to build little shacks. We fell back into a time of battling the elements, fighting each day for survival, eating whatever we could find. A real life Game of Thrones. 

Not a huge surprise that Christianity, with all its churches and organisation, was so popular. I mean, anything would have been better. The Church replaced Pagan celebrations with its own, ensuring that they fell at the same time, and deemed all mystical beliefs demonic and dangerous. 

And until the 18th century, that's basically how western Europe looked: Christian in its various guises. Later still, the scientific and industrial revolutions spurred all sorts of nutty questions about knowledge - like how we could ever really know anything outside of a laboratory - and we were left somewhere between the Rationalism of an apparent 'Enlightenment' and an unhealthy attachment to the material validation of fact. Hmm. OK. 

Now the world looks something a robot. 

My question is - what happened to our cosmology? I mean, those questions that we ask when we look at the sky at night and wonder why it's all here. And if the major religions of today - monotheism in particular - are so popular, then why is the world facing the rise of a very Hindu-coloured New Age movement? 

I don't think people quite got over their Paganism. Even Jennifer Aniston recently said about Brad and Angelina's divorce -that it was "karma". Karma is a Pagan principle about the oneness of the universe, albeit from Asia. Paganism is simply the belief that all things are connected by a spiritual force and that nature is sacred. Is that really so weird?! 

What is better than nature? Think over your childhood memories and tell me the best times don't involve nature in some way: your favourite climbing tree, the park, the seaside, skiing in the mountains, an adventure park outside in the sun - sunshine itself! Nature gives us everything we've ever wanted: the best food in the world is that which grows straight out of the ground, air or sea and goes into our bellies. It's all the chemical "doctoring" that messes it, and us, up. 

​I mean to say, that, from my perspective, if the devil really were embodied on earth, he would look like Cillit Bang.

I mean look at that guy's face, that is embarrassing. 

If you can't inhale the spray of a cleaning product without coughing, I really doubt we should be washing it down the drain.

When I was travelling through Central America, I turned to find a Walmart nestled between the palms of a Guatemalan jungle. Smack, right there, beige and red, for the convenience of flying tarantulas. And years ago, while I was visiting my family in Western Canada, the right-wing leadership under Stephen Harper, himself an oil man from oil-rich Alberta, was invoking historical contracts that forced First Nations people to give up their land for sake of an oil pipeline. The core issue, of course, was that in First Nation's society, ownership over the land isn't possible: the land is sacred, you don't own it, it has as much spiritual value as any other human being - equal. 

And we call that primitive?

What is it that makes us question our origins? An instinct? A feeling?

Hmmm. Intuition? 


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