I have a music mentor who offered me some guidance in my songwriting recently –

“That’s nice”, she said, having read some early lyrics, “now tell me what really happened.”

Becoming an artist isn’t about becoming something new. It’s about celebrating the things you already are and bringing them forward.

Intuition is a song that means a huge amount to me. It’s a haunting track about that sixth sense we all have but don’t talk about. And it’s the song that most aptly represents me as a songwriter and vocalist.

I’ve always been highly intuitive. Daydreamy, spacey, ditzy, mad, head in the clouds, mental, weird, I’ve been them all.

I never thought I’d get to write a song about my madness. But there it is. It’s no use hiding as a creative artist. Your starting point is always – yourself. And add some musical roots and you end up with a music that is ultimately a perfect rendition of your world.

And a song called Intuition.

Welcome to my world… this is it.


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