Open Mic UK

A crazy thing happened a week ago. After performing at Calm Festival, I headed over to Essex for what I thought would be any other audition: get up, set up, sing, go home. And that was kind of how it happened: I got to the room along with five others, some of whom I'd got to know pretty well already, and then started to set up my keyboard. Shock horror - there was no amp or PA system! I had no sound! When my turn came about, I froze "I have no sound". "You can play... or not" Chris Grayston, the head scout said, ominously. 

I looked down at my keyboard, at my black and white friend, the keys that had helped me grow into someone new. 

Honestly, I don't know what happened next. All I remember is that my foot started tapping, my head started spinning and out came the lyrics to a new song "Are you Afraid of the Dark", one of my weirder renditions about the nightmares that followed me throughout my childhood (and adulthood, I never did grow up). 

It was over before I knew it. 

"Well improvised", I got, a most rare compliment for an audition. 

And now I'm in the regional final for Open Mic UK. 

Somehow, it made up for my deciding against the Voice back whenever it was. Don't know how much I loved the idea of signing a contract before the event. 

Oct 2nd folks. Open Mic UK Regional Final. 

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