The Element

The Element is the voice of your true spirit. Your inner voice of guidance that leads you to your true destiny in life. It needn’t be dramatic - not everyone is born to be a star, or dance or indeed, make music. What you end up doing isn’t really the point; it’s whether it’s right for you, really right for you. 

The author starts with the story of a “psychologically disturbed girl” who was taken to a psychologist for “correction” following a series of mishaps at school. She couldn’t sit still and her teachers found this very “disturbing”.  

The psychologist examined the girl and then requested to speak to the mother outside the room, leaving the girl inside. As the doctor left, he switched the radio on and mother and doctor stood outside to watch.  

On hearing the music, the girl leapt to her feet and started dancing around the room. She simply couldn’t keep still. She danced like a newly freed bird. With great calm the doctor told her mother that there was nothing at all wrong with the girl, but that she was a dancer.  

And after enrolling her in dance school, she went onto become one of the leading ballerinas in the world, setting up her own ballet school and becoming glorious and prominent figure in the world of dance.  

This is one dramatic example of what the power of finding your Element can do.   

Have you found yours?  

Discovering your Element will never come to you in the pages of someone else’s book. Finding your Element will show itself in unexpected ways; it will come to you in the pain of a dissatisfaction that you can’t stand anymore; from the feeling that you're on the wrong path; that instinctive sense that life just isn’t doing for you what you need. 

And it’s in that feeling that you’ll find your true destiny. And it’s then that amazing things start to happen....

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