subjects & Methods

Always embrace your natural talents, your natural way of being, and find a plan that works for you - the real you!”


- English Literature and Language (11+, 13+, 16+, GCSE, A-level and IB) 

- History (GCSE, A-level and IB) 

- Philosophy & Religious Studies (GCSE, A-level, IB) 

- Political Science (university) 

- Revision methods, essay writing 





- Early Careers Planning (to discover interests) and career development 

- Setting up internships and work placements  

- University applications (UK and US)  

- Personal statements & cover letters (for university, prospective employers)  

- Business writing, letters, proposals, emails 



Naomi, HUGE thank you for helping me out! You helped me reach a clear understanding of how university programs work, what I should do in order to get there, and most importantly, I finally understood that I do not have to choose a job right now. Future can be daunting and you helped lift a huge weight off my shoulders. Throughout the whole process, you were passionate, and interested in my concerns, which was very helpful. Besides, thank you for believing in me! 

- IB student, 2022 

I lost my mojo during COVID-19 and I wasn't really sure where to look for it. After a few sessions with Naomi, she had somehow found it for me. She's a wonderfully warm and insightful woman and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a bit of a change. 

- IT consultant and programmer, 2022 

Sessions with Naomi helped my daughter Anastasia feel more confident,  encouraged her do more research into several subjects and helped her decide on a future field of study. Naomi is a very positive and intellectual person, which makes her sessions not only informative and productive but also fulfilling.  My daughter is an international student and Naomi’s sessions gave me reassurance that my daughter will be able to get into a university in the UK. 

- Parent, 2022 

When we met Naomi my daughter was struggling with her Religious studies preparing for GCSE at school. Naomi helped my daughter enormously with the preparation, which after two months, she jumped from grade 4 to grade 7. She also supported my daughter with her personal statement for university and gave her a huge amount of encouragement to boost her confidence in herself. I would recommend her for being a tutor and coach. We really enjoyed working with Naomi. 

- Parent, 2021 

Naomi helped me hugely whilst I was deciding on my next career move. I booked her for a mentoring consultation and it was one of the most useful hours that I have spent in the last year. Although somewhat of a cliche, I genuinely immediately found results and improvements within a couple of weeks and she has been a hugely positive influence on my work going forwards. I would thoroughly recommend her!

- Comedian and agent, 2022

"There’s so much I can talk about when it comes to Naomi, from making me properly understand how to write an essay, to going to events at the UEA to help with academic networking, to help in careers planning. Within two months of being tutored by her, my grades in Religious Studies shot up from an E to consistent A’s and A*’s, and my experience with her has actually changed the way I think. She helped me write my personal statement which (after 17 different versions) got me an offer to study at Durham University when my grades were CDE – without her help my chances of going to a good university would have been slim-to-none. 

So as not to waffle, I’ll just say that if you are thinking of hiring a tutor, then there’s no better choice in the whole of East Anglia than Naomi Sutherland.  Not only is she always warm, smart and likeable but goes above and beyond all possible expectations to see her students succeed. She has single-handedly set me up for a more successful academic life and career than I ever could have managed without her, and I can guarantee that I won’t forget her for as long as I live."

- Philosophy A-level student, 2020 

Naomi has been amazing and inexplicably helpful throughout my final A-level year. Helping me massively in writing a strong personal statement and navigating university and pathway choices, reducing vast amounts of stress and uncertainty. Naomi has a stunning level of encouragement, which has made me feel so listened to and supported, meaning the choices I have made finally feel like the right ones. 

- A-level student, 2022  

Max improved a lot over the very short time Naomi tutored him. Naomi strengthened Max’s ability to express himself briefly which I’m very pleased about. Naomi is also very encouraging and remains positive even when Max’s work was mediocre at first. In the end, Max was able to do a Westminster English scholarship paper after guidance from Naomi which I personally think was an amazing feat for a Year 6 boy. Overall, Naomi has been very helpful in preparing Max for assessments and examinations for 13+ schools.

- Parent, Westminster Scholarship, 2020

"When I was a few months away from graduating college, I was anxious and uncertain if I should pursue a master’s degree or begin job searching. Naomi was extremely helpful in providing me guidance on careers planning and assisting my application to Northwestern University which awarded me a Scholarship. What I found most beneficial was the Early Careers Planning (“ECP”) report, in which Naomi accurately analysed my personality, interests, work habits and insecurities. I was able to act on her suggestions and advice, and have now found my place in law school (which I love). Naomi is committed, compassionate, and inspiring, and I would highly recommend her."

- University student, Hong Kong, 2018

“Naomi is an excellent tutor and mentor, who has personally helped me with a multitude of tasks, from things such as English homework to putting university plans together. I would highly recommend her, even purely based off of her personality, her caring attitude towards her students is unparalleled in any tutor I have had, not to mention her ability to help you with any task, she's extremely intelligent and capable. She also has an inspiring way of helping students achieve their goals, with an entirely flexible attitude suited to all and every student.”

- GCSE student, King’s School, 2018

Naomi has been a wonderful and inspiring mentor to me so far.
Her empathic, holistic and pragmatic approach has helped cut through the confusion I was experiencing and get to the heart of the issue so I could see what was blocking me from finding fulfilling employment. She seems to possess a natural ability to intuit another’s strengths and identify their needs and with this has successfully found me well-matched job opportunities and been a consistently positive support. I would recommend Naomi to anyone seeking a mentor to help them find the clarity and direction they need to live their best life.’ 

- Samanta Vincentz, singer, 2020

"Hi Naomi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping us, especially me, out! I really really appreciate everything you do for us and I actually am the happiest person having you as my english tutor. You are an amazing and an extremely kind person and you have really influenced my decision to go to CLC in a good way) I hope that it goes well and fingers crossed, I will get in.. Also, thank you very much for always bringing up my self-confidence:) with your help right now I am positive that if i study there , I will try to always reach for my full potential and believe in myself no matter what. Thank you soooo much for everything !!!"

- IB student, Wellington, 2016

"Naomi offered me solid advice, contacts, avenues to explore, and lots of encouragement. But most importantly she wasn’t afraid to challenge me and get me to think about my practice from a different perspective. I’m sure my work will continue to and flourish and reach new audiences as result of her support and guidance."

- Graphic designer & illustrator, 2020 

"Naomi helped me enormously with my piano career. She highlighted my target audience and showed me how to advertise myself accordingly - with a strong biography on my website and the correct taglines for search engines. She gave me numerous important business related links and even got me in contact with a famous photographer who really helped my website appear professional. I have gained a lot of business thanks to her - thank you so much!" 

- Martin Kendall, pianist, 2019

We are very grateful to Naomi for being such a professional, considerate and sincere English tutor to our two daughters who are both studying overseas in the U.K. As a parent it is very reassuring to know that our daughters are in safe hands. My youngest (CLC) has been studying with Naomi for over half a year, and obtained a grade 8 in her English GCSEs. What an achievement! My eldest (Westonbirt), whose English ability is rather weak, has also made significant improvements in both her skills and attitude towards learning under Naomi’s guidance. We had thought Naomi only tutored the academically gifted, but her work with our eldest has shown she can work with all different kinds of students. 

- Parent of two daughters, Shanghai, 2019

“Lessons have been highly productive and progress was made at an incredible rate: after every lesson I feel secure and reassured that I have made some form of improvement - whether it be on specific skills or just general confidence-boosting. I also won a Scholarship to Westminster school, which was the icing on the cake! Thank you so much Naomi!”

- GCSE student, CLC, 2018

"Studying in a foreign country with a foreign curriculum, being tutored by Naomi not only allowed me to achieve an A* in IGCSE English Language a year early but the confidence and essay and interview experience necessary to achieve a place at a top UK girls school known for its high academia. Naomi was the ideal tutor, her passion and talent as a tutor made our lessons both worthwhile and enjoyable."

- GCSE student, St Mary's Ascott, 2018

“For me the tutoring helped me a lot. Not only did you help me fill in my knowledge gaps but you also didn’t pressurise me at all so I didn’t worry about my English. I was able to think more clearly when working with you in comparison to working in class where I couldn’t always ask for help or I was unable to make valid points that was relevant to what we were doing. I was more confident with you and due to not having my classmates around me who would often make all the points in class, when it came to the exam I was confident enough in myself to be able to make points, analyse and write a concise answer without doubting myself.”

- GCSE student, St Mary’s Ascott, 2018

"I approached Strategy Tutors about their Early Careers Planning report, following some questions I had about work placements for my daughter over the summer. With a thorough and detailed analysis, the ECP report outlined her character and natural tendencies very accurately, and then aligned them to projects that she could explore after she finished her school exams. It was a huge confidence boost for her to be reminded of her special abilities (which had been forgotten or lost at her competitive school), and as result of the report, she will be doing voluntary work and start her own T-shirt making business, which we hope will improve her chances of getting into university and employment down the line. Her academics have also greatly improved as a  result of the her new found confidence - with straight A’s in her core subjects. We very much recommend the ECP from Strategy Tutors - thank you!”

- Parent, Hong Kong/London, 2017

"Naomi has been tutoring my son for an extensive period of time, the story started in preparing to enter Dauntsey's school after having no background in essay writing to the required standard, the entrance test was successfully passed. Nikita went far beyond his comfort zone as Naomi guided him on the "out of the box" crusade, I witnessed basic English transforming into complex phrases complimented by developing a unique style. This required an enormous amount of effort and patience from Naomi's side which is much appreciated. The English educational system is demanding in terms of being able to express opinions by using extensive vocabulary which is a challenge for an Overseas pupil. Nikita has gradually improved his grades in English to B level within 2 consecutive terms as well as developed an emotional tie with Naomi which encourages "can do" attitude and diligence to study hard in general.".

- Parent, June 2016 

"I am very delighted to have Naomi as my tutor as she has continuously helped through the IB English Language and Literature and TOK course over the past 8 months. With her guidance I have been able to achieve top grades in school (I got the highest of my school), and gain a better understanding of what the IB course entails. During GCSEs, I was not very confident in English, but after having lessons with Naomi online through Skype, I feel much more confident in English, as well as writing in general. In the past 8 months, I have enjoyed every single session with her and I hope to continue having lessons with her in the coming school year!"

- IB English student, Hong Kong, June 2016 

"Tutoring with Naomi was fantastic for our daughter Belén. Coming from the Spanish educational system and being based in Madrid, applying for an English boarding school was always going to be a challenge.  But working conveniently from home in Madrid she could have her sessions with Naomi online through Skype. Naomi would do quite a thorough preparation to understand Belen’s specific needs and prepare each lesson.  The result was that Belén very much enjoyed every single session, and particularly the variety of subjects and exercises covered making them fun and challenging. After about five months of preparation, Belén excelled at her common entrance exams for St. Mary’s Ascott not only being accepted but also obtaining an academic scholarship.  We very much thank Naomi for her tutoring."

- Parent, Madrid, April 2016 

''I am impressed and very happy with the progress my daughter has made this year both in terms of improving her writing skills and expanding her vocabulary, and her progress is certainly a product of Naomi’s dedication and teaching skills.  Naomi is a very thoughtful and diligent teacher, she really tries to find a tailor-made approach to each student and to make difficult and challenging exercises entertaining.  She also keeps very close track of her students’ progress, which helps her focus on problem areas, as well as encourage students by highlighting improvements.  I would emphatically recommend Naomi to any parents who would like to find a skilled and responsible English tutor for their kids.''

- Parent, Moscow, Oct 2015

''Naomi has been working with my daughter for several years. Her support in essay writing ahead of entry exams to the IB programme was invaluable to my daughter. Thanks to Naomi’s help, my daughter's essays have become a result of deep thinking and thorough analysis. Naomi has continued to be a homework support in History and English because of the demands of the programme and her work has been indispensable. I would highly recommend Naomi.’'

- Parent, Moscow, 2015

Naomi helped me in many different ways from completing my IB, to finding my path, to shaping my career in the right direction. Naomi has tutored me since I was very young and I found classes with her extremely useful. I was struggling with IB Diploma and Naomi helped me with improving my English skills. After completing my IB, I started to work for the Aurora Organisation, which I enjoyed a lot, but Naomi helped me to realise my true passion. Now I work for one of the largest PR companies in the world - Edelman in the UK - and I love what I do. Thank you, Naomi 

- Edelmam UK intern, 2019