Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde ”

Naomi has been working as an academic tutor and careers coach since 2009. Passionate about youth development, she helps young people excel academically, find their true voices, and use them to craft meaningful careers. A graduate of Philosophy (Edinburgh) and Political Science (UCL), she worked in business in London before she found her passion in developing the confidence and progress of young people. She is a member of the Tutors Association, and is currently taking the Career Development and Coaching Studies (PG Diploma) at Warwick University.

She has helped students from around the world to pass entrance exams to schools and universities, improve their academic performance while studying, and design and build exciting career plans that suit them perfectly. She believes firmly that making the right decisions about the future, starts with looking at who you are now. From there, you will make a far healthier career plan, designed to suit your interests and potential.  

About Naomi and her journey 

Naomi struggled enormously in school and in her career early on. A highly creative girl, she was a keen singer before she went to an intensely academic school in Oxford when she was 16. Here, her creative abilities were pushed to the side, including her singing voice. After pursuing academia and a stint in corporate London, she knew that she would never be happy unless she refocused her career and engaged with her creativity. She released her first single in 2013 under Sleazy Deep Records, and then launched a double-pronged career that straddles both her creative and academic interests. She set up her own tutoring and mentoring practice, where she tutors and mentors young people in finding their passions and crafting successful careers. Alongside this, she launched her music career, which has seen her release a single, two EPs, and about to release an album about how she lost her voice and rediscovered it in the most unexpected way. Naomi believes passionately that anyone can find their true calling in life, and to live as closely to that vision is the surest way to find long-lasting success and happiness. The answer to your future is you - just the way you are! 

The key to your future starts with building confidence in yourself”
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