Naomi’s colourful and nomadic childhood (she has lived in Holland, India, Canada, UK, Italy and Russia) has fuelled the creation of a multifaceted career that straddles the pursuit of her creative ambitions, while helping young people find the confidence to pursue their own passions. She is a singer-songwriter and recording artist as well as Director of Tutoring and Mentoring company Strategy Tutors & Mentors. 

Losing a voice - and finding it again 


Naomi was always highly creative as a singer, writer and actress, but at 16 lost her creative powers when she started her A-levels at an intensely academic school in Oxford. At the age of nine, she played the role of Amber in the feature film "Miss Beatty's Children", directed by Pamela Rook. The film won the Indira Gandhi award for best first film and the Silver Lotus Award for cinematography. 

Then moving to Canada, she appeared as a young presenter on TV Ontario, interviewing celebrities such as the leading national baseball team, Toronto Blue Jays. After leaving her mother to live with her father, she was sent to boarding school in Edinburgh and began singing, piano and LAMDA lessons. She won various school prizes, performing solos, duets, choral and madrigal performances, and leading roles in school musical theatre productions. Her teachers strongly encouraged her to pursue a career as a singer. However, at 16, her boarding school closed down and she changed to a day school in Oxford. It was here that her battle with academia began, as the demands of the school took their toll on her creativity, ultimately leading to her losing her singing voice altogether. 

It was a devastating blow that silenced her creativity for ten years. She left home at 17, returned to Edinburgh to complete a Philosophy degree and moved into the business world of corporate London. But she never felt ‘right’: she felt lost, unable to connect with her original creative ‘voice’ - her true identity. 


…. and FOUND 

Then, in 2010, Naomi discovered tutoring. She was assigned the 16 year olds - the same age she was when she lost her way - and fell in love with the job. She saw herself in those young students and found a renewed confidence in inspiring them to enjoy their particular strengths and interests, without feeling bullied by academic idiosyncrasies, or under pressure to be someone they weren’t. The exchange of helping young people follow their dreams, in turn inspired her to re-engage with her own creativity, starting with lyrics, poems and songs. Soon after, she launched her music career. 

Exploding onto the scene with the dance single "Let You Go" in 2013, the song was signed to Sleazy Deep Records, played around Europe and put on an Ibiza compilation album.

After the success of the song, she recorded her debut EP ‘Intuition’, whose tracks were picked up by BBC Introducing, Shoreditch Radio and Future Radio. Her single Dream Lover reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest 2016; she was Regional Finalist in Open Mic UK 2016 and finalist in the East Anglia Music Talent Awards 2017. She has performed for the Norwich Arts Centre, Grapevine at the Guildhall, The Voice, Open Mic UK, Norwich Sound and Vision Festival, and a host of local events. 

"Dream Lover, so good, I kept dancing round the office when I heard it" Jay Lawrence, BBC Introducing  

"Dance of Life is another level" Gary Standley, BBC 

"Ethereal yet powerful Naomi Sutherland’s voice is out of this world. With her haunting melodies and beautiful lyrics, this is an artist destined to be huge." Tasha Smith - The New Music Show on Shoreditch Radio

Naomi had found her voice again. She hopes to inspire other young people that struggle in academia or finding their direction in life, to dig deeper to find who they really are. She set up tutoring and mentoring business Strategy Tutors Ltd in 2017 to much success, using her story to inspire her students to follow their dreams, while managing the practical side of their lives. Above all, she believes people have the right to be true to themselves; and with the right guidance and confidence can achieve their dreams. Today, she runs the two lives in parallel and is about to record her next live EP. 


Naomi started her first company at the age of 10 with her friends raking leaves and shovelling snow.   

The first song Naomi ever sang was 'Voi Che Sapete' from Mozart's 'Marriage of Figaro' when she was 12 years old. She still does not like the song. 

Naomi had crippling stage fright as an early singer and burst into hysterics on stage in front of her whole school when performing the duet, 'Gin a Body'. 

She was described as an "exceptional talent" as a young singer. 

She likes a range of music, but most identifies with Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks. 

The best concert she ever saw was the Russian State Symphony playing Tchakovsky, Shostakovich and Prokofiev.  

The first single Naomi released was in 2013 under Sleazy Deep Records. It was written in the studio and recorded in four hours, viewed on Youtube 36,000 times and received radio play around Europe. It was her first time in a studio. 

She is 60,000 words through a novel about how she lost her voice and found it again. She hopes it will inspire any young person with confidence problems or confusion about their future to work hard, but follow their heart.