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Naomi has a dual career as half creative artist (writer and singer) and half tutor and careers coach. After losing her singing voice at school at 16, she didn't begin her creative career until late in life and now specialises in helping people find their true voices, whether they be artistic or otherwise. 

Naomi has an MA in philosophy from Edinburgh (2.1), an MSc in politics from UCL (Distinction), and a postgraduate diploma in Careers Development and Coaching Studies from Warwick University (2024). She founded Strategy Tutors in 2017 and then developed it to include careers coaching and university placement services as Strategia Education. 

She believes passionately that anyone can find their true calling in life, and has designer her work to provide the encouragement and self-belief people need to reach their fullest potential. 


Nothing is more precious than finding your voice in life. Embrace yourself as you are. That's how you find it. ” - Naomi

Naomi's creative career

After losing her voice at an intensely academic school at 16, Naomi pursued her own dream late in life and became a singer. She released her first single under Sleazy Deep Records, and went on to record two further EPs, Intuition in 2016, and Eclectica in 2019 (see music tab for more information), before writing her memoir about her story. 

Accompanied by a musical album, The Creative Voice memoir-album is a philosophical and psychological exploration of the human voice as a metaphor for the self, and shows how easy it is for us all to lose our voices, and find them again. Published by Singular Publishing, its concepts underpin her work as a vocational practitioner. It is available for purchase below, and will soon be available on all online platforms.