“Emotional and intriguing, versatile and powerful, soft and caressing, Naomi’s velvety voice is a real woman’s voice”.

Naomi exploded onto the scene with the dance single "Let You Go" in 2013. Signed to Sleazy Deep Records, it was viewed on Youtube 33,000 times, played around Europe and put on an Ibiza compilation album. 

Since then, she set out to record her debut EP 'Intuition' and build her band. Her debut EP 'Intuition' was released in the summer of 2016: all tracks were picked up by BBC Introducing /Radio Norfolk, Shoreditch Radio and Future Radio. Her single Dream Lover also reached the semi-finalis of the UK Songwriting Contest. 

Ethnically Indian and British-Canadian, Naomi’s background and nomadic childhood, has fuelled the creation of a haunting and mysterious sound she calls mystical-pop.

With her 3 octave vocal range fast becoming her signature sound, her music is haunting, dramatic and powerful but with a definitive edge. Fascinated by the power of nature and the unseen, metaphysical worlds, she talks of dreams, nightmares and the beauty of the wild, captivating audiences with her soaring high notes and unexpected lyrics. 

Starting at age 12 in her school choir, it was quickly apparent that Naomi’s voice was something special. Classical training began and with it, the recommendations of her teachers to pursue a career in opera. She would perform in solos, duets, concerts and musicals and win numerous school prizes and awards for her performances. 

But Naomi still felt that there was more to unearth in her music. She felt drawn to the natural world and with it, the inspiration to start writing her own songs on the piano. 

Finally settling in Norwich in the UK, Naomi was able to tap into the music scene a bit more, starting with some co-writes with pianist Simon Brown and performing on the local music circuit. Then, with support from music mentor Cari Cole NYC and Canadian producer/mixer Darryl Neudorf, Naomi began finalising her sound and started recording her debut EP. She has since performed for the Norwich Arts Centre, Grapevine at the Guildhall, The Voice, Open Mic UK, Norwich Sound and Vision Festival, and a host of local events. 

Drawing on all of her travels, abstract ideas and diverse musical history, Naomi has created a fusion of worlds culminating in a mysterious, yet edgy, mystical pop. With soaring operatic backing vocals, a velvety lead voice and haunting lyrics, here is a controlled singer that wants to make her mark. 


The first song Naomi ever sang was 'Voi Che Sapete' from Mozart's 'Marriage of Figaro'. She was 12 years old. 

Naomi had crippling stage fright as an early singer and burst into hysterics on stage in front of her whole school when performing a duet. 

She was described as an "exceptional talent" as a young singer. 

She was first told to pursue a career as an opera singer when she was 15, by her singing teacher. 

She cannot drink alcohol when she performs. 

The first single Naomi released was in 2013 under Sleazy Deep Records. It was written in the studio and recorded in four hours, viewed on Youtube 33,000 times and received radio play around Europe. It was her first time in a studio. 

All three tracks from her debut EP was picked up by BBC introducing and Future Radio, with Intuition leading her to a live set at Shoreditch Radio. 

Naomi wrote her debut album, 'The Meditations' while releasing her EP.