My memoir-album is on Kindle!

So very happy to announce that my book-album, The Creative Voice, is now on Kindle as an ebook! 

Go to Kindle, The Creative Voice, and find it there! 


How I found my way - I gave myself permission to be myself

        Hey all, super happy to announce that my memoir-album, the Creative Voice, is soon to be available as an ebook on Kindle and an Audiobook! This is the project of my lifetime and it underpins everything I do as a…

How to choose the right school for my child?

Which school?

Parents often ask my opinion when it comes to choosing schools for their children. They feel torn between wanting to do the best thing for their child, while being uncertain of how to judge a school before their…

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What do you want to do?

Career Tips No.1

If you can't answer the question “What do you want to do?” 

Don't try until you can!


So much about careers advice is rooted in a question that begins each conversation and so…

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Strings and Piano Eclectica: a night of improv

What if you take a classical trio and put it with John Lennon? The last Eclectica was a sublime mix of the mainstream and the mysterious. I did a few songs ranging from Kate Bush to originals, including a poem…

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Ethereal Eclectica

Does a night of witchery sound like January to you? I didn't mean to be so witchy. It came to me through the songs that forever I leaned to for a sense of sisterhood. The list is growing and moving…

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Not Black Enough for Blues  

It's Black History Month!

Celebrating the rights, history and legacy of that so poignant a phrase - "black" people. I love how the word references so much and so nothing. Human progress has got us so far as…

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The Power of Original Music

The way things are going in the music industry, originals artists have all the best and all the worst options ahead of them. Record labels expect bands and artists to have sold out shows and touring / recording before they…

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Murky Waters - the backstory

How does one describe innate fear? 

I wrote the song Murky Waters as a co-write, lyrics only, and left the rest to my songwriter partner on the track Will Fergusson. He and I have shared a conflictual relationship. We…

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Finding your voice

A friend recently told me that she'd gone to see a vocal therapist because she was unhappy that her voice lacked stature. In certain social contexts, it would rise and turn to a squeak. She was nervous - and her…

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Love Through the Ages

The most disturbing experience of love I ever had was opening a book of Disney's Beauty and the Beast when I was at the dentists about to get my teeth cleaned, and feeling like I had returned to source: love…

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How to find your own voice: the dangers of belting

It's a complex beast, finding the different vocal technique that suits you as a singer. The difficulty is that singing coaches will observe popular singers and work out mechanically the techniques they use to achieve certain effects, maybe belting for…

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Where and what is home?

As we fast approach the Soup Kitchen Boogie on May 13th, the theme on everyone's mind seems to be "home". 

In fact, I went to a fabulous contemporary dance show at the Norwich Arts Centre last week called…

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