The music of Moscow

What an absolute blast. To be back in Moscow after five years? A blast yes, but in the sense that I really felt like my memories blasted me back from the dead. 

Moscow was the city from which I launched my music career back in 2012. Recently free from the shackles of my enormous university debt, I found myself richer and freer than ever before (it's a tragic thing when you can't pursue your real mission in life because of something as lame as money). 

I remember I met a guy called Pavel in a bar. He said he was a producer and was looking for a singer. I offered. I had never been in a studio before. I told him I had. I had never used a studio mic before. I told him I had. 

I arrived to a find him at his desk, a mic'd room to the left and little more to the song than the bass line. 

"What do you want me to do?"

"Anything, here's the bass line" 

"I don't get what you mean, where is the song? I thought I would be singing." 

Blank face. 

Luckily I'd brought my lyric book with me. We wrote the song in the studio. And then recorded it. 

Next thing I knew, it had been signed to a label, put on an Ibiza compilation album and played on the radio in Europe. I think the figures are currently 40,000 hits on Youtube. 


Thank you Moscow. You made me.