Open Mic UK Regional Finals  

September came and went. And tomorrow sees Open Mic UK Regional Finals. 

I've been deliberating about what to sing. There's always the piano-vocal option, but it does detract from the singing, particularly cos I generally find myself closing my eyes…Read more

Guildhall Norwich with the Grapevine

Surely the best show yet. It was the show that I'd been waiting for, a chance to play where Ed Sheeran had played before he broke, a place where people love to listen carefully to the sound, a place where…Read more

Open Mic UK

A crazy thing happened a week ago. After performing at Calm Festival, I headed over to Essex for what I thought would be any other audition: get up, set up, sing, go home. And that was kind of how it…Read more

Vocal Technique

This is probably incredibly dull to read unless you're a singer, in which case, it's the only thing that will never bore you:
I released an EP a few weeks ago (though it's still with my publicist). The…Read more

Airlander hits the skies

It's been three years of supporting a filmmaker make his first independent full-length documentary film about the Airlander - the biggest flying object in the world.

That is a shot I took - well, sort of: Dean set up the…Read more

Shaman sharing

It was nothing like I'd expected, though I didn't really know what to expect. 

So was my first meeting with a Shaman. She asked me first why I'd gone and I told her it was because I wanted to hear…Read more

Mystics and music  

Just wanted to share some thoughts about music that I'm looking forward to making. 

I've been trying to capture the essence of what I'm getting at with this music: tribal, dramatic, mystical, shamanic. This is what I'm trying to achieve…Read more


Oh my god. 


July 2016

Wow. My EP is almost out there. Took longer than I expected, achieved more than I could have asked and now that it's ready, I'm already thinking about my album. 
Songwriting doesn't stop just because you're busy, there are new…Read more

Prince's Rain

Just wanted to say a few words about another artist we lost this year. First, of course, there are not words: the whole world rained for him; celebrities around the world paid homage to that eternal song.  

But were…

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The Element

The Element is the voice of your true spirit. Your inner voice of guidance that leads you to your true destiny in life. It needn’t be dramatic - not everyone is born to be a star, or dance or indeed…

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In the weather and in my step. So much goes on behind the scenes.
Following the Birdcage gig, things have grown some what, with gigs booked through the end of August, including local festivals and events. 
My website is now…Read more