With more than 15 years' experience providing tutoring and educational support to students in schools and universities around the world, Naomi has distilled her educational insights into a two-stage solution: an academic assessment followed by one-to-one tutoring. 

“Learning wounds from school can have longterm consequences for all areas of life, so it's essential to deal with them early so students are fully empowered to take on their futures.” - Naomi 


The academic assessment is a thorough review of the academic habits of a student. It will unearth academic vulnerabilities but also identify any misdiagnoses in learning patterns that might be undermining student confidence. It alone can revolutionise the learning experience and it can also be used to support early careers planning. 

It includes: 

  • a 45 min interview with a trained educational consultant 
  • an analysis of learning styles and revision methods 
  • recommendations on solutions: finding tutors; or offering subject-specific solutions without additional tutoring 
  • a summary report of findings by email with a follow up 15 minute consultancy meeting 

"My grades shot up from an E to consistent A’s and A*’s, and the experience has actually changed the way I think." Philosophy A-level student 

One-to-one tutoring 

Tutoring revolutionises learning 

More students are using tutoring as part of their educational resource than ever before. 

Trained tutors can: 

  • identify weaknesses and ensure academic improvement 
  • build confidence 
  • provide nuanced learning through bespoke methodologies 
  • boost revision and exam performance 
  • enhance learning and enthusiasm for learning through the tutor-student relationship

Subject specific tutors available 

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